Parallaxx™: 3D Measurement


“The apparent displacement of an observation due to a change in the position of the observer”

Parallaxx™  is an unique B2B customer relationship measurement tool which allows you to better understand and navigate the space between you and your customers.

It provides a straightforward diagnosis which identifies gaps and realistic opportunities in the ways in which your products, services, brand, and even reputation are  being translated to your customers.

Parallaxx™ solves problems in B2B Customer Relationship measurement and performance management and produces direct results with a focused, low cost, high ROI methodology.

Parallaxx™   provides deep insight into the input/output process of bringing your business to the marketplace. It allows you to align your marketplace activities to have maximum impact on intended outcomes.

It provides a clear, succinct method for identifying and improving product, sales, service and communication effectiveness from the inside out…and the outside in….of your organization:

– The company’s intended/stated value, mission, USP (Company Perspective)

– The company’s employees who deliver the value (Employee Perspective)

–  The business customers who receive the value (Customer Perspective)

Unique Value

Parallaxx™ positions your company’s identity, unique value, brand, or “essence” as a key reference point in understanding business performance:

“Essence is the attribute or set of attributes that make an entity what it is….which gives an identity”

While “customer centricity” is important, the conveyance of unique value and the brand standard should be the primary objective in measuring and managing business performance.

Parallaxx™ provides powerful insight into the degree to which a company’s unique value is being consistently and effectively produced and delivered via transactional, relationship and other modes of delivery.

Input Output Visual Model

The Parallaxx™  Model interprets your products, services and communications as unique elements you deliver to the marketplace. It then identifies the extent to which these elements are impacting customers as intended…and as well as they could.

This input-output model analysis provides a view of how you are delivering through the processes and people that represent your company to the marketplace.

The model represents the intended deliverables (Input), the activities through which it passes (your marketing and operational environments) and the resultant outcomes (Output)…..similar to that of a signal passing through an electronic circuit.

This allows you to see the impact of people and processes in amplifying or distorting the transfer of your value-where, how and why this is occurring.

You might think of this as looking at the degree of accuracy or “fidelity” your product and services are being translated to your customers as intended.

Performance Measurement: Goals and Standards vs. Trends

Parallaxx™ starts with a defined standard of what is to be achieved, created or changed….not just the activities that are intended to produce the result, past measurements or inferences limited to perceptions from customer surveys.

Without this point of reference, it is very difficult to determine if measurements are accurately documenting and assessing the right movement toward a clear, correctly identified accomplishment. This typically creates unfocused, ineffective activities chasing after “feedback”.

Parallaxx™ overcomes these obstacles to accurate business performance measurement by providing multiple points of view, anchored by the specific standards the company intends to deliver.


A highly powerful, innovative performance measurement

A visual Input-Output Value Model of value delivery from one business to another

Measures the specific elements of value delivery that define your unique identity:

Products and Services

Image, Brand and Reputation

Employs three perspectives in measuring value transfer:

The company’s actual/stated/desired unique value (Company Perspective)

The company’s employees who deliver that value (Employee Perspective)

The business customers who receive the value (Customer Perspective)

More Information:

For a complete introduction to Parallaxx™ and what it can do for your organization, contact John Glazier: 925.984.8109