B2B Insight: Managed Program Implementation

An effective B2B customer measurement and management tracking mechanism can be designed and implemented at a fraction of the cost of just a few years ago, based on current technology and leveraging the most effective customer data collection and analytic techniques.

This is good news, as understanding and serving B2B customer expectations is more complex than ever and will continue to at an exponential rate as more alternatives are available, switching is easier, and there is a continuous, rapid evolution of new competitors..

It’s a challenge to measure business relationships: many companies succumb to simply tracking the number of purchases made or patterns of buying behavior….and using a survey to ask a B2B customer whether they are ‘loyal’ or will “refer” seldom provides a valid measurement.

The key to B2B relationship measurement success is in understanding the attitudes as well as behaviors that are fundamental to relationship strength, such as the likelihood or potential, to:

  • Continue purchasing products and services at the same level or greater
  • Purchase other products and services offered
  • Believe your products and services are superior
  • Not actively seek alternative providers to replace you
  • Provide opportunities to correct problems vs. using these for weakening the relationship
  • Recommend your company as a trusted business partner, beyond just for products and service

B2B customer feedback systems and related internal education and discipline can be created, implemented and producing performance improvement results in about 45 days…with an ROI typically ranging from 5-10:1 on the investment.

I can work with you to design and provide a B2B customer measurement program that will effectively serve the goals and results you wish to accomplish from accurate and reliable customer feedback.